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' your life defined by who you are becoming 

not by who you were in the past'

               Alberto Villoldo  


Touch the stillness
beneath the river 

of change and storm.
A glimmer of peace, a gift,

to calm the torrents of our world. 

- Renee Hummel


“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.   The challenge is to silence the mind” 

― Caroline Myss

Sound Healing silences the noise in the mind. 

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What do Ann's clients say?  

From the moment I  arrived I was filled with the sense of soul that is Ann's healing space. 

Lying on a bed of the most beautiful sheepskins, wrapped in the softest blankets while being bathed in the healing vibrations of incredible instruments including Ann's wonderful voice.

Am utterly amazed at how energised and lifted my body and spirit has felt since.


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ann pattihis


the soul space ...

integrated healing: Sound, Colour, Chi...Reiki 

tools for transformation: NLP and ENLP,                                                                     Breath, Voice, Meditation,                                                 Qi Gong                                

treatment,guidance, teaching

a safe space 

repair, transform and grow 

There is no need to focus on the past in order to release stress, old patterns and move into a healthier balance with new possibilities. 

Unique programmes of healing, guidance and follow up for each client.                          

Ann set up her healing practice in 1999 and now uses Sound therapeutically with various other techniques to help people feel better quickly
rebalance systematically and 
                          create lasting change.  

Approach: Ann's way of working is all about Love and Warmth, Insight and Empowerment.   It combines deep relaxation and energy healing with practical life guidance  and teaching so that people can .

release stress and feel better quickly, learn new ways of being, develop their won awarenerss and enjoy lasting change.a

Authority: the foundation for this work is an integration of  ancient wisdom handed down by medicine people across the globe over thousands of years, with scientific research and new insights - enabling us to understand more of the mystery of the quantum world.  The newest therapies have been developed in recent years through rigorous research and evaluation, have been proven and are practised, and are now acknowledged, registered and accredited by colleges and associations in the UK and around the world.  These technologies are being recognised as the therapies of the future and a new frontier of energy medicine. 


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