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20 March 2015 

Solar Eclipse, New Moon & Spring Equinox!

Thank you to all those who came to the Crystal Meditation and Group Sound Journey.
Participants described this as 'exquisite', a 'profound experience' and 'deeply healing'. 
I think we all felt particularly aware of the 'grand completion' of the solar cycle started in 1997 and our own ability to choose our focus for what happens next!

Look out for future dates of Group Sound Journeys! 

Contact Ann if you would like to arrange your own group. 


Ann now offers instruction in Zhineng Qi Gong

Created by Grand Master Prof Pang Ming, Zhineng Qi Gong is rooted in the 7000 year old tradition of folk, shamanic, Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian traditions. Tod ay it is the world's most widely practised qi gong, with upwards of  20 million practitioners globally as it is considered  highly effective for treating disease and improving  health.

Zhineng Qi Gong  Level One only takes about 15 minutes to practice, so offers a wonderful alternative to longer forms. 

Individual Sessions: £40 an hour

Muscle Testing

It can really help to review and update our personal practice. This is a great way to bypass the mind's filters, our mental beliefs,  and access the body's own wisdom to find out what is truly beneficial to you, and what may be draining your energy.  You may be surprised! I have started offering this after discovering that a number of spiritual tools I was using were not good for me. 

Release Ancestral Programming

Experience the clarity of your own energy without interference.  To clear away known and unknown energies influencing and possible draining us, to allow us to become clear enough to hear who we are ourselves.

text Ann to book 078100 43937


Nurturing Sound Journey

Experience Ann's phenomenal Earth Gong!

An extraordinary power, and when combined with the Sun gong within a professional Sound treatment, we have the two primal powers of creation.

Karuna Reiki & Monochord Sound Table

A Karuna hands on healing followed by  continuous harmonic sound created by the 53 strings of the monorchorde - blissful. 

Karuna Reiki Master Attunements

A beautiful high frequency progression  for existing Reiki Masters.

Karuna Reiki treatments

Available to all. Described by my last client as 'Exquisite'.

Qi Gong

Learn how to incorporate the benefits of healthy energy flow into your life. Calm with vitality. Individual session (60 mins)  £40

Break free from challenges!

Would you like help to tackle an exam, a dissertation, an interview,  your CV, a difficult conversation, or to break a habit?  Many of our problems stem from old programming and our own limiting beliefs - which can all be changed.


Group Sound Journey

£20 per person for groups of 5 or more

Share the healing.

Introduce a friend and get £25 off your next visit.

Click here for Costs   and Book Now

Personal Sound Journey 

From the moment I  arrived I was filled with the sense of soul that is Ann's healing space. 

Lying on a bed of the most beautiful sheepskins, wrapped in the softest blankets while being bathed in the healing vibrations of incredible instruments including Ann's wonderful voice.

Am utterly amazed at how energised and lifted my body and spirit has felt since.


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Group Journey £20pp (groups of 5+)

Individual Journey Trial one hour £50

Full Individual Journey £95  Two hours.


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the soul space ...

...within the peace of the  Kent countryside a special place where one can feel safe experience stress release, find inner peace... on a specific issue...

or choose to go deeper and learn how to ground the wisdom of your own soul into your daily life.  

Its all about feeling better quickly, becoming more empowered, aligned and creating lasting change. 


“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. 
  The challenge is to silence the mind” 

― Caroline Myss

in my experience, Sound Healing silences the mind 

Who would have thought that such peace, such relief from our own inner chatter, such transformation could be achieved so effortlessly!  
This is the foundation and beginning of what I can do to help. 


Ann's approach

...with her background in psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching,    

her business experience, former career in the City and family life with husband and four children

together with  various professional trainings and years of research and experience in the art and science of healing 

Ann has created her own intuitive approach 

...after listening to what's going on and what you want,  Ann will propose what she feels will work best for you.  Each session will vary and follow up work is suggested so that everyone can learn easy ways to develop and maintain their own well being. 

It is a  creative approach combining sensitivity with insight, clarity with calm, patience with grounded, earthy practicality.


for healing... Ann specialises in creating a                               unique course of varied                                       sessions for each client  

for specific issues...Ann offers NLP,                                         coaching, and 

                        teaches tools for                                                   transformation


what can be treated?

stress, physical, emotional and mental issues can all be effectively addressed... because this is energy work ...and everything is energy. 

 "   This way requires no trying from the receiver, no digging into the past, no uncomfortable positions, no strain or struggle - it's light, easy and transformational.       I have devised a way to treat my clients as I wish to be treated myself - safely guided from start to finish   ."

Come and see for yourself.

transform  - it works! 

Ann uses techniques that are based on both ancient practice and cutting edge research because they are effective.  With a series of sessions you can expect a real shift.

See the testimonials from Ann's clients.  

what can you expect?

...after listening to what's going on and what you want,  Ann will propose what she feels will work best for you.  Each session will vary and follow up work is suggested so that everyone can learn easy ways to develop and maintain their own well being. 

  • Receive: deep nurturing. Feel safe, heard, accepted, encouraged ...

  • Rest : sink down into deepest relaxation, peace and comfort.  Allow the Sound to switch off stress and noisy mental chatter...

  • Release : dissolve muscular, emotional  and mental tensions and pain, so the body feels free, the mind is calm and clear...

  • Repair :   activate the body's own natural healing  mechanisms ...

  • Re-pattern : lose old habits and limiting beliefs, make new choices and step into your true best self ...

  • Re-charge : enhance creativity, problem solving, clarity and focus, improve energy levels...

  • Rejuvenate : improve quality of sleep, feel refreshed and renewed, more alive...

  • Re-connect:   find your spark! 

Everybody is different. All clients can expect to improve immediately, with benefits depending on the length and type of issue.

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